Awesome betway88官网Community 必威官网Chefs – 2017 Award Winners

所有参与必威官网厨师社区betway88官网does exceptional things on a regular basis.这项工作值得庆祝,也证明了我们的社区团结一致,确保所有成员的成功,betway88官网一起。在Chefco必威官网nf期间,我们一年一度的社区团聚betway88官网,some individuals are recognized for the dramatic impact they have had on the betway88官网community and our common cause of improving the practice of continuous automation.Four individuals were recognized as Awesome betway88官网Community 必威官网Chefs at必威官网切夫可夫2017号.


安妮@安妮胡姬) embraced a new career in technology and quickly became an extremely valuable member of the 必威官网Chef,检查和DevOps社区。betway88官网使用检查as a way to build empathy between security and operations teams,she has made the technology more accessible to everyone by documenting and speaking publicly of her journey.Many InSpec newcomers know of Annie simply because of her博客系列这对我们来说是一个很好的inspect教程。

安妮是一个出色的榜样,因为她的诚实,谦卑,有感染力的学习热情。We are so thrilled she is part of our betway88官网community.


@班杰特)从那天起就开始在社区里进行黑客攻击betway88官网栖息地他是最有帮助的人之一。betway88官网Ben isn't just helpful to new adopters,he also regularly works with the core team to identify and fix bugs,constantly weighs in on features/RFCs,总的来说是个很好的人。本最近自愿加入了人居社区组织者团队,作为一名倡导者,我们非常高兴他能成为我们希望人居社区成betway88官网为的榜样。

本是栖息地社区的一位绝对令人难以置信的代表;betway88官网他对新社区成员的照顾和喂养,betway88官网他为使人们感到受欢迎和受欢迎而付出的努力,and his overall willingness to jump in and help at the drop of a (habi)hat are the reasons we're ecstatic 必威官网手机版about having Ben as an integral part betway88官网of the community.


肖恩索默拉) really defined what it means to build cookbooks professionally.他一手维护了大部分core betway88官网community cookbooks多年来,helped to develop the library cookbook pattern,并引入了Kitchen-Dokken等工具来改进测试过程。

他是我们社区最有洞察力和激情的成员之一,betway88官网and his talks have lead many of us into the light.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

内尔尼勒沙姆雷尔)欢迎所有人,并与所有需要她的人分享她的热情和技能。除了她的工作超市快乐,Nell has also been a major contributor to the latest栖息地释放。内尔说话会议,主机网络研讨会,写博客帖子,and has conversations with betway88官网community members on the美食大战播客。Whether considering your first open source contribution or adopting the latest features of Habitat,内尔是来帮忙的!

恭喜和感谢是为了这几年令人敬畏的社区厨师。必威官网betway88官网Take a minute to thank them on twitter,吉瑟布或者亲自(也许是拥抱)!

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